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start_StarkHeinz has been an educator and workshop leader since 1972. He integrated Bert Hellinger's phenomenological systemic approach in his body-psychotherapeutic practice already in its early states 1989/90.

In l995 Heinz was a pioneer when he first introduced the teachings of Systemic Constellation Work in the USA and Canada. He offered workshops for clients and intensive training programs for professionals. 

In 2010, Heinz, in his late sixties, decided to end his personal organizational efforts to gather trainees and clients in foreign countries. 

He is still willing to share his long-term experiences, insights and skills in this growing field. Heinz remains ready to accept invitations to present workshops or offer trainings in
phenomenological Systemic Constellation Work.

As body and family therapist in private practice in Germany, he has been incorporating Art, Bioenergetics, Gestalt Therapy, Postural-Integration and Shamanic Practices in his work. Heinz is now one of the most experienced teachers of Systemic Constellation Work (Family Constellations).

Heinz, now in his late seventies, facilitated thousands of Constellation Work shops at many places round the globe, with emphasis on emphasis on Germany, America and China; he directed and taught various facilitator trainings and advanced trainings in Germany and the US. For the latter he founded The Stark Institute with the intention to provide the highest quality education in Systemic Constellation Work.

Heinz is a member in the German Society of Systemic Constellation Work and an accredited teacher / trainer.

The tasks of the Stark Institute are to research, experiment and teach in order to develop an able bodied and extended Psychotherapy based on findings and insights of Systemic Constellation Work.

Heinz Stark
Dübbekold 10 - 29473 Göhrde
Tel.: 49 (0) 5855-978 233

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