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International Advanced Training

4-Day Intensive Trainings in Systemic Constellation Work
with Heinz Stark

"Finding Solutions for Life’s Serious Issues"

Currently, due to the Corona pandemic, all overseas activties are cancelled.

Constellation Work is a fascinating trans-generational approach to resolving life’s serious issues: somatic and psychological health issues, relational and family issues, problems in the realm of business, occupation and career.
Quality Constellation Work requires good judgement and skilful application. Knowing what to do and to say, and when to do and to say, is a pivotal skill.
Improve your clinical judgement and add to the range of interventions increasing your confidence in helping clients.
Heinz provides an exciting opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced trainers of Systemic Constellation Work.
The four days of training will encourage experiential and interactive learning, with the following in focus:

  • Teaching the method of Successive Constellating. Successive Constellation allows your work to align closely with your clients’ issues. Successive Constellating will make it easier for the facilitator to deal with complexity and remain client-focused throughout the process.
  • Psychological Trauma during the perinatal period. These very early disturbances can be related to vanished twins (or multiplets) and often result in deep-seated relationship difficulties.
  • Learn about the identity crises of the surviving twin and how to integrate this in your facilitation.
  • Learn how split aspects of a traumatised personality can be re-integrated.
  • Relationship difficulties and working with couples.
  • Questions and needs of the participants.

Starting time for each seminar.

Friday 6:00 pm (Arrival on Thursday or prior is possible).

End of Seminar: Tuesday 4:00 pm

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Heinz Stark
Dübbekold 10 - 29473 Göhrde
Tel.: 49 (0) 5855-978 233

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