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The International Workshop - and Training Program for
Systemic Constellation Work and Systemic Integrative Therapy (SYIN)®
is operated by Stark Institute in Germany and conducted by

Heinz Stark, (Dipl.Päd., Dipl.Des., cert.PI, HP-Psych.,
Trainer / Teacher of Systemic Constellation Work / DGfS)

Heinz is of German Nationality and resides in Germany.
His office and institute is located on countryside near the city of Hamburg. It is providing also room and board for clients /patients.

Address: Duebbekold 10
D- 29473 Goehrde
Phone: - 49 (0) 5855 978 233
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Heinz offers also Workshops in various German cities and trainings in German language at his home base in Goehrde, as well one-by-one (private) sessions.

Heinz Stark and the Stark Institute offering internationally (in English):

  • Systemic Constellation workshops / Family Constellations
    (“Solutions for Live´s Serious Issues”)
  • Therapeutic and consultative single sessions (inclusive Constellations as one by on work)
  • International trainings and educational events for phenomenological Systemic Constellation Work / Family Constellations
  • Trainings in Systemic Integrative Therapy (SYIN)®
    The centre of this extended psycho-therapeutic approach is formed by Systemic Constellation Work with its multigenerational perspective and its foundation on the Orders of Life (Love).
    Systemic Integrative Therapy contains additionally various elements of body psychotherapies, (like Postural Integration®, Primary Work, Re-birthing, Bioenergetics) also Gestalt Therapy, different ways of spiritual and energetic healing, Art -Therapy, Chinese Medicine (Biyun School), Systemic Trance Work (STBS)

Contact in the US Helena Gorka
Inner Rhythms Healing Arts
PO Box 1088, Newport Beach, Ca 92659.
Cell phone: (949) 294-1759

Contact in China

ShengZhoushi  HeLe
Psychological Counseling Office in China 

Xing Lei 

中国. 嵊州市和乐心理健康咨询工作室


电话: 86+18067668138
Email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Heinz Stark
Dübbekold 10 - 29473 Göhrde
Tel.: 49 (0) 5855-978 233

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