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Bert Hellinger Speaking before groupBert Hellinger, the founder of phenomenological Systemic Constellation Work, born 1925 passed away 2019, September,19.
I bow to my great teacher with deep gratitude!
His work on me rescued my life and changed it profoundly and turned it for the better.

I followed him during many years to places in Europe and overseas and studied his practical work and his teachings thoroughly.

Later Bert left the phenomenological and systemic positions and drifted towards to a kind of religious concept. He founded a church like organization named Hellinger-Sciencia.*
Ftting to those changes Bert's second wife Sophie started to put him to the market as a big Guru.

I could not follow that new course and continued to develop the Phenomenological Systemic Work, like many of Bert’s former companions did, responsible therapists and constellation practitioners, very significant contributors to the work.

Hellinger books in English language see:
Zeig, Tucker & Theisen Inc. Publishers

A book of Heinz Stark: Systemic Constellation Work is an Art - about Deep Dimensions of Family Therapy
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