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Heinz Stark's list of recommended facilitaters of Systemic Constellation Work
(Orders of Life Graduates).

There are several resources for SCW and other related disciplines which we would like to suggest:

Bert Hellinger Speaking before groupBert Hellinger, now in his eighties, is a renowned psychoanalyst, systemic psychotherapist, and best-selling author in Germany, with more than fourteen books to his credit. Love's Hidden Symmetry is one of the first published in the United States. Well known for his profound contributions to the field of psychotherapy, Hellinger brings to his work a lifetime of rich and varied experience, including many years as a priest and 16 years in Africa living with the Zulu. You will find a great list of publications from Bert Hellinger on his Website. Please visit Hellinger was the founder of the Systemic Constellation Work, and triggered a world wide movement of constellation facillitators. He follows meanwhile separated from the still powerful "mainstream" of Systemic Constellation Work his own more spiritual ways.

Hellinger books and videos are available from Zeig,Tucker.

A book of Heinz Stark you can order from Kites Press:
Systemic Constellation Work is an Art - about Deep Dimensions of Family Therapy.
ISBN #o-9729002-3-3
call (800) 486-8940 to have your copy shipped to day!

Anngwyn St. Just, R.N., PH.D. combines Social Trauma Work with the insights and approaches of Systemic Constellation Work.

Professional trainings and seminars at various places in the US and Canada.

Systemic Constellation Work in Calgary:
Annette Aubrey
1924-10A Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2T 3K1
Tel.: 403-244-2788(w) 403-283-9497(h)
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PO Box 1011
Weaverville, North Carolina 28787
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Heinz Stark
Dübbekold 10 - 29473 Göhrde
Tel.: 49 (0) 5855-978 233

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