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by Heinz Stark

Systemic Constellation Work was developed out of different approaches of humanistic psychology and systemic therapies, such as Systemic Family Therapy, Transaction Analyses, Hypnotherapy, intergenerational theories and experiences. Among its predecessors, we could count Virginia Satir, Ruth McClendon, Leslie Kadis, Eric Berne, Milton Erickson and Boszormenyi-Nagy.

The German psychoanalyst Bert Hellinger incorporated these influences into his own practice of therapy and through his experiences, discovered that there was something at work beyond the range of these information-based approaches. Members of a family system interact with each other even when they are separated and remote, or even forgotten, excluded or long deceased. The true nature of a lot of psychological problems was suddenly revealed as unresolved issues belonging to someone else in the system, which was passed on by imperceptible balancing mechanisms to an innocent and unknowing member of future generations, often to a child or a grandchild.

Bert Hellinger further discovered, that setting up constellations with representatives of involved system members in a collected mode created a strong Field of Knowing in which secret connections become perceivable. >From there, an appropriate and often dramatically successful attempt could be made to resolve issues, even those that may have lasted over several generations. The emerging patterns have assumed primacy in the depth of the common soul of a family system, which have forced the individual into the service of the system. What comes to light looks almost like the hidden blueprints of our fate.

In observing thousands of family systems, Bert Hellinger found underlying age-old orders, which he termed Orders of Love. These orders assist in the understanding and process of dis-entangling of the cryptic network of unconscious ties, bonds and loyalties. Participants are frequently amazed and deeply touched when their secret love connections within the system are revealed.

For instance, could we ever imagine that our current unhappiness or health problems could be connected to a stillborn child of our grandmother? Can we comprehend that difficulties with a current partner are related to an abortion 15 years ago or to the former partner of the mother? Could we imagine that the severe illness of a child is caused by an adoption? Behind most of the severe personal and professional issues were found hidden entanglements of this kind.

Constellations with representatives, the Orders of Love as a 'road map', and the intuition of an experienced facilitator provide the tools to rearrange the deep constellations in our souls for the benefit of life itself. A great degree of unhappiness, suffering, energy loss, and unnecessary struggle can be alleviated and possibly avoided. The sense of failure as well as perhaps physical and emotional illness could be redirected. We could understand why relationships self-destruct; conversely we would understand how they could succeed. Finally, we would be released into the true reality to which we must surrender, and at last be empowered to guide and change our lives.

Systemic Constellation Work began in the field of psychotherapy but in the course of the last several years it has reached far beyond this scope and is currently on its way to making significant contributions to the body of social work, therapy, and many other medical fields such as homeopathy, as well as offering effective solutions for strengthening businesses and organizations in several areas such as team building and development, and other consulting tasks.

Systemic Constellation Work is offered by the Stark Institute based on the therapeutic insights and techniques but takes into strong consideration the development and integration of Systemic Constellations into new fields or areas of application.

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